Tax & Estate Planning

Tax & Estate Planning

Effective planning begins with Viable and Smarter Strategies.

We continuously monitor changes in federal and local tax laws to allow our clients to minimize both future and current tax liabilities.

When needed, we can also implement customized due-date tax compliance and monitoring systems. This helps prevent hefty penalty and interest assessments related to the late filing.

Our estate planning service facilitates the proper and timely transfer of assets to various beneficiaries, offers security to your spouse, and could eliminate or lower the tax due on business or asset transfer. For most business owners, ensuring business succession and continuity is essential. APP & Associates LLP will help you through the complicated process of getting all your financial affairs in order.

How is APP & Associates LLP Different?

We want our clients to know and understand all the different options and strategies, even those that might not make a lot of sense for them right now. If you hire us, we will discuss all your alternatives, making sure you fully understand and are content and comfortable with your choices – even the ones you leave behind.

APP & Associates LLP thrives on working like a team with its clients, their advisors, attorneys as well as accountants. Our key initiatives and insights in leading and guiding your financial team every step of the way leads to a unified and effective planning process.

Working in close coordination with your advisors, we will:

  • Integrate various tax considerations and implications in all our investment decisions
  • Assess and optimize your exposure relating to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Assess the impact of new and imminent legislation on your estate and income planning
  • Devise effective strategies to optimize liquidity events for stocks or businesses

Our Process

Successful estate and tax planning, needs a thorough and in-depth understanding of your motivations and goals. At APP & Associates LLP, we sit down and discuss these goals with each and every client at the start of the relationship, and also at every milestone in our client’s financial life.

During the meetings, we carefully listen and understand your financial, tax and personal objectives and dreams, and assemble all our estate, tax and financial planning as well as wealth management professionals to devise an integrated and viable plan to achieve your goals.

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