Accounting & Assurance

Accounting and Assurance Services

Transparency leads to clarity and confidence.

We are proud to offer a complete and diverse range of accounting services.

Our qualified and experienced accountants can prepare your entity’s financial statements in compliance with Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE) for your personal use and use by investors, banks, and various other third-parties like creditors and government.

We understand and appreciate how crucial reviewed or audited financial statements are to a business, and its owners/shareholders, investors, lenders and other stakeholders. APP & Associates LLP has extensive experience working with private companies. Our audit and assurance services offer clients with constructive and practical solutions that enhance our clients’ efficiency and profitability. APP & Associates LLP offers audit services on various levels.

Our unique approach to review and audit involves understanding the business, its controls and the various risks it faces, and only then we direct our efforts and time where they are most needed. This method is both cost-efficient and effective.

APP & Associates LLP is dedicated to serving private companies, public companies and family or small businesses as well as organizations poised for IPOs.

Our accounting and assurance services include the following:

  • Audit of Financial Statements
    • Private companies
    • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Financial Accounting and Advisory Services
  • Accounting Reporting and Compliance
  • Dispute Services and Fraud Investigation

Accounting Services

Sound and appropriate accounting policies and practices are important to the success of your business enterprise and are also important for gauging its financial health. In a rapidly growing and evolving international business market and increasingly complex regulatory environment — coupled with the complexity and dynamic nature of a growing or expanding business — foresight and objectivity are essential.

This is why APP & Associates LLP accounting services comply with the highest and rigorous standards established for the industry.

Audit and Assurance

The audit services needed by your company should not just provide you confidence and assurance in your financial reporting, they must also help your company establish transparency, minimize risk, as well as fine-tune procedures and policies.

Our top-notch audit and assurance services offer objective assessments which can be used to enhance the performance of your organization while offering valuable and relevant information to your stakeholders.